Repatriation of Deceased Zimbabweans

The following are required for the repartriation of the remains of the deceased:

  • Deceased's Zimbabwean Passport (In extreme cases where the Passport is not available, The National ID or Birth Certificate must be produced). The Embassy must explain the circumstances given about the whereabouts of the passport.
  • Death Certificate from the exporting country.
  • Infectious / None Infectious Disease Certificate.
  • No objection letter from the exporting country where the deceased died. 
  • Embalming Certificate from undertaker from exporting country.
  • No objection letter from Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health for importation on body on health grounds, eg. Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health requires to know the cause of death to determine and recommend the handling of the body.
  • Customs clearance on the consignment and advice note or waybill is issued at Zimbabwe Airport or any point of entry.


Documents required must be sent(faxed) to Foreign Affairs, who in turn will issue copies to the family of the deceased.

This also enables Foreign Affairs to have a record of bodies being brought into the country.