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About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is situated in south-central Africa, covering an area of [390,000 sq. miles] - almost three times the size of England and the same size as California. It's northern border with Zambia is formed by the Zambezi, Africa's fourth largest river after the Nile, the Congo and the Niger. Mozambique lies to the east and the Limpopo river marks Zimbabwe's southern boundary with South Africa.

Physically, the country is divided by a high central plateau, known as the highveld. Most of this predominantly fertile plateau is 2000 metres above sea level and consists of mopane and msasa savanna woodlands. The most noteworthy mountainous region is the Eastern Highlands which run for nearly more than 100 km along the border with Mozambique comprising Nyanaga, the Vumba and the Chimanimani Mountains at it's southern end. The underlying granite, exposed by millions of years of erosion, is seen in it's most dramatic form in the Matobo hills, south of Bulawayo.